Pangroove  Rewards Program

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Welcome to the Pangroove Rewards Program, where your words can earn you real value!

Pangroove understands the power of word of mouth and we wanted to show that appreciation by rewarding those of you who spread the word about our products and services.
Every time you send customers our way, upon full settlement of their bill we award you a commission. This commission is a Pangroove credit which you can use to fund your future events with us.
How do these credits benefit you? The monetary value of your credits add up over time with each referral. The more referrals you make, the more credit you have, the less money you have to set aside to fund your next special event. You accumulate your credits, redeem them with us and those credits will cover the costs of the event depending on your event needs. It is that easy!
Feel free to call us at 435-9264  or 427-4726 if you would like to find out more or email us at . 
Call us today to register and start talking about us and earning!

Any one is eligible to join our rewards program whether an employee of Pangroove or a family member, an existing customer, past customer and other members of the public.

You MUST register with Our office to become acknowledged as a referrer in Pangroove Rewards.

Upon registration to the program, you will be given a code that identifies you as a Pangroove Referrer.

Whenever you make a referral, give the referred individual your code to ensure you receive your credit.

Most products and services are covered including rentals, usage of our event facility Sugarland Gardens, decor and event planning services.

Subcontracted services  or Consummables such as food will not be included in the referral nor will they be added into the calculation of Pangroove credits.

Your credits will be calculated on the before tax total on settled bills.

The Pangroove Rewards will run from September 9th, 2013 until August 31st, 2014.


Referrals cannot be made on items or services that are being offered by the company on special discount.

Referrers redeeming their credits cannot combine their credits with company specials.

You will only receive credits for a new customer's first transaction with us following your referral.

Referrals can be made to those Pangroove customers who have not done business with the company for a period of three years.

Neither consummables or subcontracted services can be paid for with redeemed credits.

Points cannot be redeemed during the last three weeks of December, this is a black out period.

Two persons cannot claim credits for the same individual or company.

Credits cannot be redeemed or earned for items or services which are subcontracted such as generators, photographers etc.




Here is an Example!

 You have a friend who tells you he or she is getting married, or planning a birthday party, or any event really. You do just two things.

  1. Call Pangroove Elegant Events (246-435-9264) and say 'I want to register as a Pangroove Referer'. You will be registered and given a unique code. You only need to register once.
  2. Convince your friend or collegue to book the services they want for their event with Pangroove Elegant Events. When they book they quote your unique code.

Its that easy! What happens next?

What ever that person books earns you credits which could value into thousands of $$$. But that's not all. Every time you refer someone new the same thing happens, THERE IS NO LIMIT TO THE CREDIT YOU COULD EARN! When you are ready to book your event then you would cash in your credit towards your events. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!!




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